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Syed Babar Ali, a distinguished old Aitchisonian donated BA Library. Though he is a leading industrialist of the country but his profound interest in promoting the cause of education in particular and learning in general has made him an iconic figure of Pakistan. The entire cost of the Library building was borne by Syed Babar Ali. Library was inaugurated by Harcharan Singh Brar, an old Aitchisonian (1937-1943), on 9th September 1989.


The Library building is double storied. It is well lit, well furnished and aesthetically arranged. Book racks of the Library have been designed keeping in view technical aspects and functional efficiency. The ground floor is a single hall; it contains book racks, tables, chairs, newspaper stands, customers counter, computer systems, and photocopy machines. The Librarianís room and two storerooms for books are at the back on the same floor. Upstairs three long corridors with book racks and study area provide opportunity for long sessions of research and compilation.


In BA Library the latest editions of Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR II) have been deployed for classification and cataloging of materials. Subjects are allocated according to 19th edition of Searís list of subject heading. Books are arranged according to DDC numbers and the access is open type. Through browsing users can get their required material on their own. Library books can be searched by the computer system (online public Access Catalogue, (OPAC) of the Library. Oversized books, Atlases, Almanacs, Handbook and dictionaries are shelved in separate stands.

BA library is providing technical service to need based smaller libraries of Junior, Prep & Senior School. Books for use in Gwyn, Saigol, Kelly & Godley house are catalogued and arranged by BA library staff. The library helps in selection and buying of books for the libraries through book fairs and provide on demand acquisition by three schools.


All students and staff with a valid Library (ID) card may check out books. Students are entitled to borrow up to two books for a period of 14 days. Reference books are restricted for consultation within the library and cannot be checked-out.


The library currently subscribes to more than 50 international journals and magazines in print. All internal Past Examination Papers from class K1 down to A-level classes are available in the library. Photo copied Past Papers of Cambridge Examinations in all subjects, syllabi, marking schemes & Examinerís Reports are also available for reference. Library has restricted but clean access to the internet.


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