Our admissions information is available on our website, and applications can be downloaded and submitted from February 1. Please read our website as it clarifies everything and has an FAQ section as well. If you still need to ask questions or need clarification on anything, our Bursar, Alumni Office, and PA are available to help.

This year, admissions are restricted to K1 to E2 (Year 7). K1 is, of course, for remote boarders only. There will be no places available for M1 (Year 8), M2 (Year 9), C1 (Year 10) or C2 (Year 11). Admission into H1 (AS Level) will be by application in late August with verified Cambridge results. There are no admissions into H2 (Year 13). Separate information will be provided later in the year for H1 admissions via our website and national advertising. Limitations on admissions to certain year levels is to ensure that class sizes remain reasonable and overall numbers are contained to set limits. Please see details on our website. Limited places usually means 5 places maximum. This can vary.

We will offer more places for E2 now and this will give parents two years (K2 and E2) at which children have a better than usual chance of being admitted. This has arisen naturally as year level numbers have worked their way through the system, and we intend to maintain this opportunity.

There are 5 boarding places in C1 and H1 for international applicants who are presently studying overseas and have done so for at least 5 years. International fee inclusive of boarding charges of USD 15,000 will apply. Applicants will be selected purely on the merit of their academic results and suitability.

Finally, I wish all boys the very best in their endeavours; both in the tests, which are fair and transparent in terms of revision and study preparation, and in the interviews should they progress.

Michael Thomson M.A., Dip. Ed., M.A.C.E