Aitchison College, Lahore.

Admissions Information


  1. All necessary information is provided in the Admissions section on this website. Please read this information carefully as ALL questions are answered.

  2. We DO NOT provide age waivers so please do not ask. No exceptions.

  3. Please do not email the Principal as once the Admissions process begins, he will not respond and nor will he take appointments to discuss individual admissions.

  4. Our fees are published for this academic year 2019-20 as a guide only. The expectation is for between a 5% to 10% annual increment, but the Board of Governors is solely responsible for making this decision.

  5. We do not share results of Entrance Examinations with families nor release papers. Testing is purely for the College's benefit to determine suitable academic capabilities for interview. This is a condition of Admission testing.

  6. Admission papers are marked several times by qualified teachers and a team of designated assessors from the senior mathematics faculty count and confirm. Do not ask for papers to be recounted. Our results are final.

  7. Enrolments are in two categories: Day and Boarding. No boarding place offer can be transferred to Day enrolment from Prep School upwards. Junior boarders must commit to 8 years. No exceptions. Boys who have been schooled in Lahore for more than 6 months are ineligible to apply for a boarding place.

  8. The Guide to Admission Testing is a guide only.

  9. No tests can be retaken once a boy has entered the Examination Hall. There are particular rules for boys who are ill prior to the testing. Doctors are always on-hand. No variations to these rules will be considered.

  10. Aitchison runs a very professional and secure Admissions Testing process. Papers are secure and marking is confidential. We do not publish results or the names of boys we admit or reveal individual candidate scores on the merit list. An invitation to interview does not constitute an offer of a place.

  11. The College offers places to candidates from the merit list. In the event that additional places become available owing to withdrawal, such replacements will be determined in rank order by the Principal.

  12. The College reserves the right to amend or alter testing procedures, including subjects tested, during the Pandemic. Proper notice will be given accordingly via the Principal's Public Newsletters and/or the Admissions section of the College website.