Arts and Science Exhibition 2017

Arts department carried out a wonderful display of artistic work

Junior School showcased an excellent Arts & Science exhibition on 10th February, 2017. Chief Guest, Ms. Sheherzad Alam along with the Principal Aitchison College inaugurated the show.

The Junior School students participated actively throughout the year in project making for all the subjects. The consistent progression in students’ learning cycle was depicted through their projects based on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, seasons, recycling, dams, and road safety. Arts department carried out a wonderful display of artistic work using different techniques of drawing, design and craft. The English & Urdu departments displayed the creative expression of our young learners based on the messages to the family members. The Mathematics department presented a mathemagician’s zone, full of interactive games to enhance mental & analytical capabilities of the young learners. In ICT, the young ICT engineers displayed their talent by working in different applications and amazed the guests with their expertise in coding, designing, and spreadsheet programs. The Islamiyat department also demonstrated their work focusing on the theme, “Islam, as a religion of peace”. Parents witnessed and enjoyed it thoroughly.