Aitchison College seeks teachers who are deeply committed to boys' education and an understanding of how boys are motivated and learn best in and beyond the classroom. Teachers at Aitchison are more than just teachers; they are inspired to help beyond the perfunctory and take an active interest in the progress and attainments of boys. We expect our teachers to form positive and effective relationships with students; combining compassion with an unfussy but effective way of going about things. Aitchison values above all else the building of character and expects its teachers to be exemplary mentors.

Only experienced teachers are considered with a minimum of a Masters degree in their teaching discipline. Applications must come through the Careers platform and not directly to the Principal or any other member of staff. HR reviews and shortlists all applicants, and handles employment enquiries. Contact by any other means will be ignored. Do not send applications or resumes to the Principal's Office. Appointments to staff are made by the College Principal and Heads of School.

Applications and enquiries for non teaching positions must be directed to the Bursar: email [email protected]

Aitchison seeks highly capable and committed teachers who are well qualified and experienced to meet our demanding standards in and outside the classroom. It is not purely academics that we are concerned about, but building the character of our students along with the values of honesty, hard work and positive relationships. Our teachers are mentors who nurture the best qualities in each individual boy.

In addition, your curriculum vitae should reveal:

  1. Your age/ exact date of birth as per your identification records, marital status (if applicable) and number of children (in case of married candidates)
  2. Please mention the details of your degrees and certificates with grades/ marks / division with dates and the names of institutions.
  3. Complete details of your RELATED experience with names of institutions, levels/ classes and the number of years and dates for each period of employment.
  4. DO NOT forget to indicate the system of education/stream (Cambridge, IB, FSc, FA, Matric etc)
  5. Leave your active contact number and current Email ID's.