Aitchison College, Lahore.


  1. The College will only grant exemption for Urdu in cases where a student has been schooled in Pakistan for less than two years. In such cases, the College will require documentary evidence of proof. If exemption is granted the candidate will be required to sit an additional English paper. Parents must send a written application requesting exemption.

  2. The College may offer a grace period in the case of genuine illness or injury that prevents a candidate from sitting for a test on the published date. In such cases, proof will be required for the College doctor to assess. Any final decision is at the Principal’s discretion. Requests must reach the Principal’s Office prior to the testing date. A candidate who qualifies for a deferred Admissions Test owing to unexpected illness or injury as determined by the College doctor will be required to sit for a replacement paper or papers at a time of the College's choosing and not later than three days after the completion of the original test paper.

  3. Applications must be accompanied by correct payments and will not be accepted after the closing time and date of 5 p.m. on February 1st, 2020.

  4. Valid identification must be carried by each candidate on the testing day. Parents/guardians are responsible for showing to the College the matching registration slip at checking-in on the days of testing.

  5. No extra time will be given to candidates sitting tests, unless there is verifiable and legitimate reason to offer an extension. In such cases, the College must be advised in writing prior to the day of testing. Medical conditions must be verified by the College doctor. Any decision is at the Principal’s discretion.

  6. No candidate may sit for a test 30 minutes after the starting time of a particular paper. No extra time is given for lateness.

  7. All tests and related materials remain the property of the College and will not be shared with any third party.

  8. The College will not publish results or the names of successful candidates or reveal individual candidate scores on the merit list.

  9. The College offers places to candidates from the merit list. In the event that additional places become available owing to withdrawal, such replacements will be determined by the Principal.

  10. All candidates, successful and unsuccessful, will be advised formally and individually by letter. No further correspondence will be entered into regarding this matter.

  11. The College does not offer age waivers.

  12. The shortlisting of candidates for interview is not a guarantee of a place in the College.