Events Important Dates
Deadline for application submission for K1 to E2 & C1/Matric
Deadline for Boarding Admissions
November 30, 2021
December 31, 2021
Medical and Age Testing From December 6, 2021
Test Date for K1 to E2 & C1/Matric (or advertised years) March 18 – 21, 2022
Interviews of shortlisted candidates, medical/age checkup with College doctor. Meeting with School Counselor for boarders. April, 2022
Letters of Offer sent out for K1 to E2 & C1/Matric (Except K3) April, 2022
Deadline for acceptance of the offer April, 2022
Fee submission for K1 to E2 & C1/Matric (Except K3) May, 2022
Deadline for application submission AS, F.Sc and FA May 30, 2022
Special Classes commence for C1/Matric boarders only August 1 – 19, 2022
Interviews of shortlisted candidates AS/F.Sc & FA
  • Medicals and Boarding orientation
August 2022
Letters of Offer for AS/F.Sc/FA after submission of grades August 2022
Regular school start for all classes August 23, 2022