A Cambridge Delegation Visits Aitchison College

The Chief Executive of Cambridge International Examinations, Mr. Michael O'Sullivan CMG, headed a Cambridge delegation to Aitchison College to speak with staff and students on teaching and learning as well as to celebrate our outstanding achievers. Some of our best senior Cambridge students spent time introducing themselves and sharing their ambitions with Mr. O'Sullivan. They also received advice to maintain a broad curriculum for university applications and to consider 3 or 4 A levels only in their final year that best suited their admission needs, although he felt that all could do more if they wished given their remarkable academic talents. Freeing up time to explore interests and reading as well was thought to be invaluable for boys aged between 16 and 18.

Mr O'Sullivan also met with Prep School high achievers and listened to how they felt Cambridge had changed their learning and made them think more about concepts and the value of discussion based classrooms.

Finally, Mr O'Sullivan spent time with Heads of Academic Departments discussing the adoption of IGCSE in 2018 and how best to assist teachers in preparing students for examinations.